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Why you should use the Tracker.


Are you tired of getting hated on and abused by dirty little anons? If you are then you have come to the right place! We have developed a new program that will help you find the username and the location of your anonymous haters. We do not need to have your password or username for this so that means this is 100% safe for you! A bonus is that when you track a anon the anon won’t know that you did!

Everyone is here for the same reason… Someone just sent you or your friend a hateful message on and you want to find out who it was. We made it easy to track your anons. All you need to do is copy a link of question and paste it into our program. Then it will spit out the anons username and his/hers ip address.

The tracker will show you the username, location, and a lot of other information about the user. So if you are sick of hate and abusive messages then download our great tracker!



Are you tired of getting hateful messages  like this? Tracker - Hate



If you are then download our Tracker today!




The great thing is that the tracker will work on all computers. Mac, Windows and Mobile devices!

If you want to download the Tracker all you need to do is click the download button below to begin tracking your haters!!




    • fauzan Akbar

      cara downloadnya gimna sih gan

      • azna

        cara downloadnya gimana :( ko gagal:(

  • Bukuk

    this doesn’t work, I tried to download it but when I did the offer, it didn’t work..

  • Megan

    why do i just get surveys

  • adi setia putra


    • fauzan Akbar

      cara dowwnloadnya gimana sih gan

  • fauzan Akbar

    cara downloadnya gimana sih gan gangerti

  • 지환 박

    i can’t download

  • Nyutik Danielyan

    Will you plz email me the file I just can download it, as it says there are no offers for my region((((

  • Nyutik Danielyan

    Here is my email…., thanks berforehand)))

  • bella

    Sorry, there are no offers in your region at this time.

    maksudnya apa ya?

  • murtaza

    it dont work ?!

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